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Knowledgeable REALTORs can save you time and stress during your long distance move.  The right agent will keep you on track and provide you with important area information such as maps, statistics, amenities and housing updates you can trust.

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Erin and Jerry are experienced and Certified Relocation Agents. We work with companies and individuals. We gladly appreciate referrals.

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Top Tips - Packing and Storage

Moving is a stressful process, so anything that can help to make the whole chore easier, more efficient or less aggravating is always welcome. One way to make the process of moving in to a new place a little easier is to properly pack and store everything, so that it is easier to unpack on the other end. Proper packing and storage also helps protect your possessions from being damaged or lost, makes the most out of valuable space in the moving truck (or van or car)and can also help prevent injury. Here are some good tips to keep in mind when packing up for a move.

1. Remember the old phrase "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"? Well, it holds true in packing also. The first step to any successful move is to plan ahead. Figure out all the items that need to be packed and/or stored. List them, noting measurements for any larger items so you can get proper size materials. Stock up on packing material, such as boxes, packing material, sturdy tapeand markers.

2. When selecting boxes, keep in mind that lighter objects should go in larger boxes, heavier things in smaller boxes. This prevents overloading boxes, which can result in damage to your belongings, or worse, a painful back injury. A good rule of thumb is that no box should weigh more than thirty pounds, not matter what size it is.

3. Fill boxes tightly to that the contents all fit snug, but be careful no to overfill. Overstuffed boxes can burst when carried or topple over in transit. Likewise, boxes that are not full enough have a tendency to collapse, especially when stashed underneath other boxes. Using a packing material like bubble wrap, newspaper, or foam peanuts to fill in any empty spaces. This is also a good opportunity to squeeze in some blankets or towels to act as filler, too.

4. Clearly label all your boxes as you pack them. This way you know what to unpack first when the time comes, which makes putting everything away a simpler process. Labeling is especially important when storing items, as it is easy to forget what was in particular boxes over time.

5. Finally, be sure to use sturdy boxes. Any box that appears damaged should not be used for packing, as the structure may be compromised, leading to breakage and damage. You may be able to find free boxes by asking friends or local businesses. If not, local office supply stores, moving companiesand mailing centers often have boxes available for purchase in standard sizes. Some places will even offer to take back any boxes you do not use, so feel free to load up. When it comes to protecting valuables and minimizing moving headaches, quality moving boxes are usually a sound investment.

Link To Us!

Looking for a trustworthy resource in the Chicago Suburban market? We are always looking for out of town "partners" too! Your relocating clients will be in good hands with Erin & Jerry Hill. Send us your logo or mini-banner ad, and upon confirmation, we will post it here with a link to your website. To place our banner and link on your site, follow the instructions below. We appreciate your referral!

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“I wish to recommend Erin Hill from Coldwell Banker as the go to realtor for the Aurora area. Erin's performance was above and beyond all of our expectations.

Erin did a thorough job of explaining all of the paper work required to list our house. She showed us the listings of all houses that sold and were currently listed in a mile radius of our home and compared features of these houses and how long they were on the market against ours. This made it much easier to establish a realistic asking price.

Erin provided hand out booklets for people touring our house which included schools and their ratings, transportation, recreation, shopping, churches etc. and pictures of all of the rooms.

Erin provided a detailed report showing viewings of our property on her web site as well as competitor sites on a weekly basis so that we could see how the market was softening, She made recommendations on how best to show the house... what changes pay and what changes are not worth making.

If any realtor was bringing a client thru one of her other listings, Erin would ask them to walk thru our property while they were in the area. After each realtor brought some one thru Erin would follow up to determine interest and what the potential customer liked or did not like about our home.

Erin also negotiated a extra $1000 in selling price after we thought we were at an impasse with the buyer.

During the listing period we experienced a problem where our 55 gallon fish tank leaked into the upstairs bed room and caused major damage. Erin let the contractors into the house on numerous occasions and always checked the property when they were through for each day.

There is nothing but positive comments that I can say about Erin's performance. I would strongly recommend her to any employee moving into or out of the Aurora area”

Regards. Bob Vize

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